Children’s Ministry

We value children!

We see children as a gift from God that we all are to nurture in the Love and Design of the Father. We believe our children see and hear from God, possibly more than adults because they have not been trained or taught that God only speaks to adults or “important” people, or doesn’t speak to us at all. At River Rock Vineyard children are nurtured in being aware of the Holy Spirit, to listen and seek God’s direction through dreams, visions, pictures, words that come to mind, or verses from the Bible. We believe God communicates with us in many ways and children are a significant part of our family who hear from God. 

Children’s Ministry time is during the message after corporate worship as we have teachers available. We like the children to be part of our corporate worship time. Children are released to their classes during announcements after corporate worship. Kids’ Church and Youth Church are offered when our teachers are available. We bless our people who serve our children, yet there are times when teachers are not available on given Sundays. These  Sundays, the children are with the corporate group for the sermon message with sketchbooks and drawing materials for them to enjoy as they sit with their parents. 

Kid’s Church – ages 5-10.

Youth Church – ages 11-17.

Nursery- toddlers.

If you feel like you have the gift of teaching and enjoy children in either age group please feel free to call so we can set up a time to connect with you! We do require background checks on all of our children’s teachers.