Core Values

Here at River Rock Vineyard we value accurate biblical teaching, worship, ministering with the gifts of the Spirit, small group ministry, healing for the sick and hurting, missions, unity, evangelistic outreach, and equipping people to build relationship with Jesus and do the works He leads us in.

Accurate biblical teaching – Through the study of God’s word we learn the values and virtues to live by. (2 Timothy 3: 16-17)

Worship – with sensitivity toward the Holy Spirit we use praise and worship to express love to the Father in freedom and truth. (Psalm 42: 1-2)

Ministering with the gifts of the Spirit – God gives these gifts to extend His love to people and fulfill His purpose. (1 Corinthians 12-14)

Small group ministry – Through small groups we are able to focus on the areas of discipleship, education, training, counseling, and service. (Acts 2: 42-47)

Giving – By giving to the poor, widows, orphans, and those in need. This is the desire of the Father to bless and be life-giving. (James 1: 27)

Healing of the sick and hurting –  God ministers the love of Jesus to the sick and hurting by His miraculous healing touch. He welcomes us to participate in what He is doing by asking and following the leading of the Holy Spirit to pray and do what is on the Father’s heart. (Mark 16: 15-18)

Missions – Through both tangible means and faithful intercession we value and commit to church planting and world missions abroad. (Acts 1: 8)

Unity – Jesus came to bridge the gap between us and the Father. He prayed that we all would be one in Him so that the world would believe the Father sent Him. (John 17: 21) We believe that by building relationships with other local churches and beyond there could be unity in the whole Body of Christ, in turn, fulfilling Jesus’ prayer. (Ephesians 4)

Evangelistic Outreach – By reaching out in a real way to love people in our community, in our neighborhoods and work places we are examples of Jesus. This is done in a variety of ways, none of which are a formula to expand the Gospel of Christ, but rather a practical tangible way to help people see Jesus in an authentic way. (Matthew 5: 13-16)

Equipping – Through our core values we want to equip others to grow in close relationship  with Jesus, to encourage others in their journey toward Jesus and a continued understanding and knowledge of the Kingdom in order to express the goodness of God in our world.  (1 Peter 4: 10-11)