Through past experiences we have learned that intimate times of worship, personally and corporately, are essential for a healthy life. Worship is a life style, not just a time of singing in a church building. We focus on connecting with our Creator; Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. We do this by quieting ourselves to listen and respond to God.

We believe God communicates with us all the time in various ways; through words or scriptures the Lord brings to mind, through pictures we get in our imagination (which God gave us), through a sense we may feel. Since God designed our spirits, minds/souls, and bodies, He communicates through them to tell us or show us something of Himself. This is a form of the prophetic.

Here at River Rock Vineyard we value time spent to focus on the Father’s heart. Our aim is to welcome Jesus and  the Holy Spirit’s presence. We believe that Worship is far more than just music on a Sunday morning. We believe that Worship is bringing awe and honor to God by our lifestyle living like Jesus showed us as an example. We see worship as time invested in private, as well as a corporate celebration whenever we gather. 

If you feel like River Rock Vineyard is your church family  and music is one of your gifts that you’d like to share in worship please feel free to call us so we can set up a time to connect with you!