Word For The Church – Tim Dolan – February 8, 2013

I will show you greater and more marvelous things that are to come. Often I will show you just before it happens, I do this so that you do not become overwhelmed waiting for them to happen. It is for you good that I do this. Other events that are to come I will give you advanced notice to prepare you for the coming of it, again it is for you good. Remember your focus must stay on me not the event, even when I tell you in advance.

There is a time coming and a time that is already here that I am sending each of you out to share what I have done in you life. Phil Strout’s teaching on witnessing what God is doing rather than witnessing about God is what I have been preparing this part of the Body for. Telling my story in your life is truly witnessing ME. As you tell others what I am doing in your life healing comes, unity comes, oneness comes, wholeness comes. I said and am empowering you to be all that I have set before you to be, My witness to the world around you. Every place you are I am. I choose to be with you, choose to be with me in that setting of life. Remember I am always at work, that you can’t accomplish anything eternal w/o me, I love you and am showing you all that I am doing, as we work together I bring Life to you and though you to others. Some will know me and others are getting to know me for who I AM. This is their choice, to get to know me, your part in this is to join in with ME, to allow ME to change others, not you alone, but us, ME in you and you in ME.

Do not be anxious about the time of waiting. This is a time of prayer and a time knowing my heart in the matter. Yes, I have many people that need to line up in order for the complete work to come about, but remember that I work all things together for MY Glory. Even when you miss the mark or others miss, I am still advancing MY Kingdom. It is about ME.

GRACE and MERCY are what is involved in this new time of times. As I have extended them to you extend them to others. With these two come peace and a safe place. Remember in ME there is no fear only peace (being one w/HIM).