Prophetic Word for 2019

“Father, what do you have for the cooperate church, Your Body of Christ?”

A prophetic word Pastor Tim got for this new year.

This was a word of encouragement, challenge, full of hope in this new territory.

      It is in the Lord’s “voice” to us, as Tim dictated what he felt the Lord saying.

“Things ahead will be different from what you’ve Known before.-

            My heart (God) is to have the Kingdom active in every part of your lives. Sunday morning is to be a time of celebrating Me, together. Celebrating what I have and am doing in your lives throughout the week. The Kingdom is a “people relational” Kingdom. My rule and reign in and throughout your life that changes the area around you and the peoples’ lives around you.

            Keep searching for and discovering who you are and how I’ve designed you. Myself in you! Letting My Spirit guide and direct your every action will bring you closer to me, closer to others to expand the Kingdom of Heaven for My Glory.

            2019 is a year of discovering new Joys, new ways to Rest, Walk in My Presence, Peace, Security (Psalms 18:1-3). My Son Jesus spoke through the prophets, and the writers of the New Testament/Covenant so that you could hear His voice today. As you read or My Spirit brings scripture to you memory, I AM is bringing the Kingdom to you. Spirit’s voice will grow louder this year for many of you. 2018 was a year of shaking, showing you areas in your life to shore up for the days ahead. Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6-9) for I AM is with you and can not leave you (Deuteronomy 31:6)

            This year will take work, effort on your part. My Grace is there for you, My provision, strength, direction will help you to shore up the areas that need shorn up, repaired or building new. I will help, but you will have to do some heavy lifting on your own. Also, I have given you the Body of Christ. All the parts need to work together in order for the individuals to be strong. (1 Corinthians 12:12-30).

            Some places of shoring up, building new will require Faith, risking, walking in unknown lands. Joy will be your fuel. Ask Me for Joy, savior my Joyful experience, write them down, tell others of your Joy, remember them. Careful not to over anticipate a potential Joy coming, the enemy will try to rob that Joy’s significance. Just relax and enjoy the moment that We are in.

Some feel like they are living in Psalm 44 – beat up, hurt, abandoned by Me, but keep reading through, keep reading your life story. Psalm 46 & 47 tell of My Majesty, covering our life story.

Prayer! Prayer and more Prayer!

Prayer is to be a new polished weapon of the Kingdom. Prayer has always been a weapon, but through listening first to My Voice, speaking words of Life, Light and Love to and for others, for My Glory, (not your own) will provide Grace (My presence) for expanding the Kingdom into New Areas.

Ephesians 1:15-23; 6:10-20

Colossians 1:9-14

Romans 8:26-27

1 Thessalonians 3:11-13

            Your state of self-identity is very important in the days ahead. I have designed you in My image. I placed it in you so that you reflect My image to the world around you. It is your choice to see Me in yourself, in others, in Creation around you. My hope, MY plan for you is to choose to see Me in all that you do and are part of. Yes, the old enemy may have a hand I what lies before you, but if you look at and focus on him you will honor and empower him and not honor Me. You will walk down a path that he can steer you down rather than what I have for you. It is our choice! I give you choice of where you place honor.

I have many things lined up for you all! Look for Me and My hand moving.

My Spirit will be speaking louder this coming year.

Jesus’ Blood is always there to wash away anything that is not healthy. Walking through the cross of forgiveness is open anytime.

(Father had a stern voice here.)

Pride is very detrimental in this new season, it will be exposed.

Humility will allow you to enter deeper into areas I’ve called you to that you have not walked in before.”

This word is full encouragement, challenge, hope, shoring up our identity. 2018 was rough, a tough year for many people, yet Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit were not shaken. He shook places in me, in us corporately, to show us, “You need another brick here, another 2X4 here. You need another gift mix within you, others to come along side you as the Body of Christ. You need family, your tribe. I’ve got this gift for you in Scripture.”

When we choose to honor Jesus in those areas of life, He flourishes, the Kingdom flourishes, we flourish. Whatever the Lord is doing to strengthen your identity, do that. It’s a joy to see Jesus in you, your design. We all are growing in maturity. Do the hard work, shore up where He’s asked you to shore up. His grace is there.

This was the Cooperate words & responses from the Body:

  • Prayer before service: without knowing what Tim would be speaking about – someone got a picture of a child playing in a fountain. Another person asked where the fountain was located. The response – it was out in the middle of nowhere. Another person had been sensing that the Lord would be leading us into “unknown territories” this year. The “nowhere” was a picture of that. Another person got a picture of a car wash (like the fountain) that Father is welcoming us and giving permission to go into that fountain in Childlikeness, joy, uninhibited, to be washed off of anything that has lefts its dirt or dust on us, to heal wounds that we may have.  
  • A picture:  in reference to the fountain image: an incredibly beautiful white warrior horse stood at the perimeter of the fountain, waiting for us. We enter the fountain in childlikeness, play and wash and then we can mount the horse and enter into the new uncharted territory.
  • A word: Father is saying: “Lean into Me.” This requires intentionality and trust like a trust fall. “Lean into the people I’ve given you, the Body, your tribe.” This requires humility, vulnerability.
  • A confession & encouragement: “2018 had a lot of negativity, and I focused on that negativity. Father is calling us now to leave the negativity here. Lay it down, leave it and pick up from here and move on.
  • A word for the year: Reconciliation –  in relationships, like as in finances, it’s a balance. We leave something behind, we pick up His thing instead. It’s an exchange.
  • A word for the year: A Shedding – like shedding a skin, there’s something new underneath, underneath the shedding of something. Also and Overcoming of busyness, there will be a rest, a slow down, being still. This allows time and space for God to show up.

     There’s going to be a huge shift in relationships and families where there’s been much        dysfunction. You’re going to have a voice to say really hard things, like “No, this is      

     not ok anymore.” “No more!”

  • A picture: during worship, saw a large wooden door with a beautiful golden knocker – to the storehouse of heaven, but an invitation to have the freedom to knock and ask God for things, to make peace with situations in our lives where we can, with people who are brokenhearted as well as people who are held captive. (Isaiah 61:1), other believers who are not acting as such, people who are at work who are difficult to work with, not very nice. We can ask God to make peace where we can.
  • A word: He prepares a feast for me in the presence of my enemies (Psalm 23:5)– the feast is a table – an intimate place with just you and the Lord. In the midst of the storms of life, there is a table He’s set and is waiting to dine with us in the chaos, the difficulties. He offers an invitation to dine on something new, feast on a new thing with Him, “to feast on the Joy of the Lord. Feast on grace.


Blessing on your identity and the search and exploration of your true identity in the Father. Blessing from the Heart of Abba – how He designed you, created you, always saw you. He is so pleased with you.  He’s excited for tomorrow. He wants you to celebrate this moment right now. Write it down. Hold on to it. He’s got amazing things for your tomorrow, your future. He’s got it prepared for you already. He’s got good things for you that He’s placed inside of you. He’s given everything for life, health and godliness. 1 Peter 1:3. You don’t have “it all”, that’s why He’s created the Body of Christ, so that we can be dependent on Him in community with Him and others. Be excited for this new year. Spirit and the Bride say, “Come Lord Jesus”.