Bottom Lines For River Rock Vineyard 2016

Bottom Liners for River Rock Vineyard in 2016

  1. Be a life-giver – bless, encourage, lift up, others in your sphere of influence

(family, work place, neighborhood, beyond)


2. Focus on the Positive/Life-giving Life Style – Seek the Kingdom 1st

Avoid giving room for Negativity in your thoughts, on your tongue, thru your actions

We become what we focus on, empower what we focus on     Matthew 6- Seek the Kingdom

3. Fruit of the Spirit- an on-going, ever present infilling, always growing

4. Love, Joy, Peace, Patients, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control

5. Growing in our individual identities – continue learning how God “wired” each of us,

 what we’re made for, Areas to grow in, He will show us how to wield the sword of our identity, like a young  squire learning to be a knight for the Kingdom

6. No Formulaic Ministry

Once we learn strategic way to minister, can’t make it in a formula, use every time

We need to rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit in every situation

Like Moses who tapped the rock to get water (Numbers 20:11-)

Did it the way he “always”/previously did it

7. Relationship not Religion- Relationship with God 1st,  with others John: 17:3, Matthew 6

8. Christianeese – Christian lingo/language that is only/partly understood by people familiar with Christianity – even then there are variations among Christians. This feels like a secret code that can feel exclusive or creating walls of separation from people who “don’t know the code

The Secular population most often has no Christian background, or a negative one.

Pay attention, be attentive to the person in front of you, What is Holy Spirit saying?

 Kingdom principles & details apply to all people. Listen and try to understand where the person in front of you is at in terms of their perspectives or understandings and allow Holy Spirit to give words of encouragement to them in ways they are can receive.